On Why


To begin with. And to be precise. A melon is a melon.

These pages are in the making. Don’t expect too much in the coming. But I have loads of unspoken thoughts.

I still see these six blind consciousness’ scholars gathered around their favorite Elephant. One by the tail, one by the trunk, an other holding on to the Elephant’s ear, one in the fathom of a leg. One polishing a tusk, one totally in a search obsorbed into the anus of the Elephant. All six observers of a real percived Elephant. All feel their “I” to be in the midst of a mystery. Speaking all in vauge word sallad riddles to themselfes only.


This blog hovers over in and around in circles about the clouds of consciousness and beyond. Around all consciousness’ associations, all disciplines affiliated, practically all around everything there is to be honest. Halls of obvious or unseen faint mirrors, vauge sightings of threadlike notions in every imaginable direction, if, or not admitted transparently blatant obvious yonder and behind afront in zenit and nadir.

Thoughts emerging from terrains swept over as an illustrator and designer, a devotee of dawings, graphic design and as freelancer for over thirty years, as a designer student of The Image, at the very same time I by chance discovered the parallell universe of The Word.

Words have a history of usage, of change, an intricacy beyond the word itself. Words are mere tops of icebergs of sometimes underlying infinite connections and meaning. Etymology and meaning became a genious companian for further investigation not know to me and thee.

I realized words are images everyone uses in course of daily life.

Words their ubiqiutos omnipresence and obvious necessity for culture and human society delve into symbols meaning and concepts. Often mistakened for thought. We think though with what is beyond words.

I have thus since flown floated in of and out through psychology, perception, archeology, the history of ideas, sociology, consciousness and the unconscious, Jung, music of the spheres, ancient Egypt and Greece, the history of the Mediterranean, philosophy, the newly discovery biological independant cell intelligence, brain research, biomimicry, the origin of language, symbols, the nature of light, atoms and electromagnetic waves, semiology, signs, impossible to name all intruders of thoughts and thinking.

Obviously we exist, but what does that mean. Who are we in a broad sense.

As Kandinsky put it; Nature shows it´s depths and complexity in beauty. It might be the only way it has to show it.