To create. To invent. To dream awake. To deal with a leaking roof. To overcome a blank paper. To know what to do if you´re full of shit and there´s no toilet. To find a new friend. To find out about the forever tight entanglement on curiosity and necessity. Creativity thee most overused word of all too frequently fall into a pit of confusion.

To survive in this world you need knowledge skill curiosity curage persistance and creativity. You could also do with confident intuition. And a good damned luck.

Putting this in perspective.

Talking about creativity you can divide the subject and treat it in two chunks. 1.The bodily and mental conditions. 2.The strait forward process of creating.

The strait forward process of creativity is not strait at all. But it shows up in recognizable patterns. Serious research about creativity began in the 1920 US. The advertising industry wanted structure, so a research began. Names like Deawy

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