It started with stones. How a hominoid 3.3 million years ago persisted in chopping stones. Something, an advent a discovery or a need made them begin and as maniacs continue for 2,5 millions years with what differed them from all other apes i history.

Why did they persist? Sharpened stones can cut meet and splinter wood. This must have been a discovery that turned into a need and advantage for their living. Most certainly stones would have been tools as weapons. But the question stays in the air unsupported. Why just this ape? Why not all the others?

Something made a difference. Let´s play out the options.

The Theories.

My best guess is stone use turned into culture.

Might there be other things involved to facilitate this?

Tools might have led to more tools. This ape invented the bag for carrying roots or findings. This ape started to sing in rythm perhaps to it´s own stone knapping. This ape might have found mushrooms. This ape started to speak. This ape developed a culture with other tools like the spear, the elaborate shelter, the clothing, the use of leather or the bones of animals. The comb, the nedle other smaller tools made from wood or bone that made life easier.

A shunned and certanly not accepted theory by the archeology community proposed by anthropolog and early psychedelic researcher Terrence McKenna, “The Stoned Ape Theory” theorizes that early homonoids stumbled apon psychedelic mushrooms that enhanced visual aquity and improved ability of “theory of mind” and perhaps brought forth germs of very early religion.

The origin of music is a mystery shed in clouds. A theory with anthropological roots in Australian and New Zeeland cultures proposes that collective movements in dance and singing wards off preditors around camp fires. A remnent from this would be the Hakka dance. To be many but move together like a single big entety would be impressive.

As an outlier though, music has most certanly also it’s origin in the cry and the wining.

The benifits of stones combined with this mystery engredient that differed apes from the human endevour is the clue I think to the answer to the question.

But here is more. Synestesy.

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