Words are etiquettes, names, labels, sometimes mere jots or stamps. Not seldom on the fly invented words on a drunken night. Often times meticiously thought out new prominent academic names for a break through new invention by scholars. But many times more maliciously used by politicians or ideolologs trying to change peoples views about their own deeds and society. The poets at best make abundant contibutions, 1984 a prominant one, the beat generation in the fifties sort of preinvented the iconic name Beatles. Sometimes branded by shear violence into people´s foreheads. But otherwise better in a mental vertigo swing changing every ones perception in an instance. But most often in thin britle bible paper writings glued onto poetry, images, concepts, symbols, caprices, narratives happenings and all imaginable descriptions whatever is possible to hold in the mind eye or inside the epic vast unfathomable unknown, man’s unconsciousness in a total everything humans have to deal with.

The words are lables.

You think not by means of words per se. You think with what the words represents, what is concepts meaning and symbols. A concept of one word might branch out in associated threads and connect with other related concepts often in thousands. Sometimes like visualized clouds of meaning. And also. You think with all there is. You simulate all aspects of the world. Spatial, olifactory, bodily movements, the theater of relations in space and time.

Thinking is simulation.


Every new word is a metaphore. To describe a new phenomena you have to come up with an as-if-word. The only exeption is sound mimicking onomatopoetic words like pling or swoosh, but it can be disputed if even they not are metaphores. All words are like that. The reason you don´t recognize every word as such is because old words has transformed themselves through time, reused in an other context perhaps and their role has thus shifted, shortened and grinded by use like rocks in the wind and totally changed their pronounciation to unrecognition.

It doesn´t stop there of course. Whole expressions are metaphores. A complete story can be a metaphore {I leave it at that for the moment} but this is not the subject of this text.

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