Knowledge and Memory


The unconscious does most of our thinking without effort.

Thinking is not generally performed by consciousness. Thinking done consciously is extremly tidious and for the brain heavely energy consuming. Thinking consciously is done under effort putting piece by piece together and repetitiously asking the unconscious for suggestions, often visual images. Which the unconscious is good at. The unconscious is factual most of the time but also particulary fond of symbolic metaphoric mythical images and narratives.

Thinking is done by the unconscious. All that is you.

If you don´t know, who do you ask? – Your unconscious of course.

If I would ask you for an overview of all knowledge that you see? Do you see a huge library, perhaps a vast landscape were you can overview the different compartments of your memory? No.

Your overview of our memory is black. Nil, nothing. The only overview you can have is sensory only viceral not visual at all. Your survey of your memory is visually blind, no images, no visual structure. What you have is only bodily feelings that could ever possibly guide you.

Your overview is a feel.

The only way you can retreive a memory or a fact is by reaching an envisioned mental arm’s protuberace reaching deep fumbeling deeper and deeper into the unfathomly great memory you are certain is there and fetch your wanted question´s answer knowingly you’ve done effortlessly it so many times before by shear notion of a hunch, or by tedious constrained force of the will.

The will, the urger, the ultimate surviver, the heavy lifter, the one that forces you to do one push up more, forces it self into the dwindlings of your network memory streched out neurons myraiads of pathways you don´t even have an inkling how they work as well as how your liver or lunges works to find the answer to your inquery.

You´re confident. By what notion? Someway your memory tells you that this has worked a millions times before.

You retreive your memories by force of will. On the contrary your memory enters freely unwillingly into your dreames. The dream drifts without your egos will. The total of you whant to heal to sort out contrarian concepts images stories that dont fit.

The scouts of your unknowing will is sent in every direction, the more diverse your mind, the more complex their paths. The will of your demands splinter into thousand of possible pathways in search for the answer to your inqueries.

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They come back from their findings with ordinary trivial obvious findings we say we already know. Or by mysteries awe immediatly without an answer. The way they´re presented to us. In an obvious flash, or even in a new mysterious riddle.

The unconscious´ way of communicating with us conscious beings is mind warping. We´re probably dealing with a very ancient mind folded within our selves.

The origin of the mind of consciousness.


The magic pleasing intuition.

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